What students say…

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Nicole is such a wonderful teacher. She is clear and prepared and so obviously loves yoga. She made yoga accessible to me. During the course of the series, I was able to begin a simple daily home practice and confidently visit other classes both at Carrboro Yoga Company and other studios in the area. This has, in turn, changed my life. It feels like she has given me a gift and I am so grateful that I was ready to receive it. – A.O.

Nicole was amazing. She was honest, real, patient and funny. She had a great energy and was open. I liked her a lot. – J.H.

Your class was a great experience. I was very nervous and intimidated to try yoga again with all of my health complications. The class felt more open and comfortable than many classes I’ve attended. I love that speaking out and asking questions is accepted and not discouraged because of possibly ruining the ‘flow’. Your style was exactly what I needed. Thank you for showing modifications, they were really helpful. – S.S.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class! I learned so much more than I was expecting to learn and gained a lot of confidence in my ability to practice yoga in front of other people! – L.A.

It was my first experience with yoga, so I had no idea what to expect. But thanks to my instructor, it was wonderful. No pressure, no criticism, just encouragement to do as much as I felt comfortable doing. Awesome! – J.T.

Nicole was the perfect teacher to have for this class because she made us feel safe, and she was funny, informative, and gentle. I will recommend her and Carrboro Yoga to everyone.–Yoga 101 student (via anonymous survey)

I love this class. You rock. – D.W.

I can’t say enough about what a wonderful yoga teacher Nicole is. Her teaching is rooted in the spiritual texts of yoga, but she also has a great way of showing her students the practical applications of a healthy yoga practice. She’s warm, approachable and very adaptive to the needs of her students. I absolutely love taking classes with her. – Cornelia O.

The Family Yoga Playshop was fantastic!  My husband and I both felt like it was such a nice thing to do as a family and E. commented as we were walking out “that was AMAZING fun, Mommy”.  I think you found a great balance and variety of activities for the kids to do.  I really admire your ability to keep the kids focused and having fun all at once!  All in all GREAT.  Thanks so much! – L.L.

Thanks again for such a great intro to yoga.  I have to admit I was both a bit skeptical and apprehensive about taking this class.  I now see basic yoga as a key supplement to my overall fitness plan and feel motivated to continue.  You are a wonderful teacher! – D.M.

I truly enjoy the pace and quality of your classes, they’re exactly what I need. – L.O.

Tremendously helpful –M.H.

Nicole is a wonderful instructor for my 9-year-old who has been working with her for over a year. We started yoga for him to help him with his ADHD symptoms and he has made such progress in being able to focus and concentrate. He takes private lessons as well as her group classes but especially loves his one-on-one time with her. Some people have special gifts in being able to work with children and we love that she is one of these people and has been helpful in such a unique way, through the practice of yoga. – Jennifer H.

Wonderful, fun, clear, supportive! Thank you thank you thank you! – Kathy P.

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