Yoga and Faith

Several years before I moved to North Carolina, when I lived back in my hometown of Baltimore, around 2002, before I ever considered becoming a yoga teacher myself, one of my yoga teachers, Charm City Yoga’s wonderful Kim Manfredi, would frequently quote Ashtanga Yoga guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois: “Do your practice and all is coming,” he… Continue reading Yoga and Faith

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mastering asana: ego inflation or healthy achievement?

In class recently with Ti Harmony, my main yoga teacher, a student joked about never being able to enter his expression of hanumanasana in the USA Yoga National Yoga Asana Championship.  I giggled along with several of my classmates.  It was funny to those of us who practice yoga primarily as a spiritual path rather… Continue reading mastering asana: ego inflation or healthy achievement?


Happy 2013! (cough, cough)

Happy new year, y'all.  I'm starting it off with bronchitis and a sinus infection, but I'm hopeful and optimistic nonetheless.  Yesterday, I had intended to write about my intentions for the new year, but I made banana bread instead, deciding I would blog today.  (Speaking of blogging, I am participating in the #365yoga blogging challenge… Continue reading Happy 2013! (cough, cough)