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Shocking Silence

I originally wrote the following essay in the summer of 2014. As I consolidate my writing from various yoga blogs, I'm rereading and editing. I've added a little to this piece, but it remains timely. In early July 2014, Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma, the “Hugging Saint”) visited Washington, D.C., as she does each year. For several… Continue reading Shocking Silence

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Misperception, the “Innocent Mistake”, and Cupcakes

Week before last, I attended my teacher Sage Rountree's fantastic Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste five-day teachers' intensive at Carrboro Yoga Company, as part of one of my two 500-hour advanced yoga studies programs. (Yes, I am now enrolled in TWO 500-hour trainings.  The other one is at Asheville Yoga Center.  Yoga geek, much?)… Continue reading Misperception, the “Innocent Mistake”, and Cupcakes

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Yoga and Social Action: Moral Mondays in North Carolina

“If the word ‘yoga’ means many things, that is because Yoga is many things.” -- Mircea Eliade I moved to Orange County, NC, from Baltimore, my hometown, on April 20, 2008.  I chose this place as my new home for a variety of reasons including a great job opportunity at UNC Health Care, the spectacular… Continue reading Yoga and Social Action: Moral Mondays in North Carolina