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Subbing, workshops, Baron Baptiste, and Hafiz!

While my weekly class schedule is still in flux, I am doing a lot of substitute teaching at Carrboro Yoga Company over the next two weeks, including some early morning yoga and some Jivamukti.  Check my Google Yoga Teaching Calendar for details.  Also, this weekend at Hillsborough Yoga and Healing Arts, I am doing a Lil’ Asana Playshop for kids ages 6-12.  You can register your child on the web, or just show up.  The weekend of 9/1 and 9/2, I’ll be doing a Yoga Basics Intensive at Heart of Yoga School in Carrboro.  This is a great way to get started with a yoga practice, or get back to basics.

I know I promised to challenge my assumptions and get to Bikram Yoga, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I did, however, take a nice sweaty class with the fabulous Lori Burgwyn at Franklin Street Yoga yesterday, so I am moving in that direction…  I haven’t taken Lori’s class in about three years, but I was reminded that a rigorous vinyasa practice need not be devoid of spiritual influence.  Despite the number of fit, young practitioners in the room, Lori was able to keep the competitive energy from surging and lead everyone toward a reflective, inwardly-focused place.  This is a great skill.  One of Lori’s teachers, Baron Baptiste, actually had a lot of influence on my burgeoning yoga practice back in the early ’00s.  Before I ever went to a formal yoga class, I owned two yoga DVDs–Baron Baptiste Core Power Live! and Erich Schiffmann and Ali MacGraw’s Yoga Mind & Body.  I practiced with them regularly.  My current practice more resembles Schiffmann’s than Baron Baptiste’s, but class with Lori reminded me of all the things I learned from him.  In the DVD he says, “Let go and let good,” which is a bit cheesy but sometimes a very good idea.  It’s isvara pranidhana, surrender, something I need to do more of at this place I find myself in…

Love and blessings!

“Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘you owe me’.  Look what happens with a love like that.  It lights the whole sky.” ~ Hafiz

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